Chatterbox X1 vs Slim

Chatterbox X1 Slim Two Way Radio and Bluetooth Headset


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Cyclebots Says

The new Chatterbox X1 slim is much smaller than the original. The unit is impressive in that it is almost the size of the smaller Bluetooth only units, however it has built in GMRS radio. The X1 Slim also has Bluetooth for pairing with a phone as well as FM radio. The nice thing is that GMRS radio has a long communication range and can have an unlimited number of riders.

Version one vs. Version two comparison

Chatterbox Comparison



Almost half the size and weight from the past X1 model
Make/answer phone calls listen to your music and hear your GPS directions via wireless
Bluetooth technology with A2DP.

AVRCP remote control allowing you to control your music features like forward/reverse
music track, volume up/down and pause/play.

Industry leading 5 mile range when communicating within 22 channels and 38 sub channels
(No more need to be in line of site)
Capable of communicating among an unlimited amount of riders in your group.

(No hassle of having to switch back and forth while being limited to talking to only one rider
at a time.)

New hands free voice activation technology featuring TOT processing.
Push to talk functionality that is compatible with an optional wireless handle bar mount push
to talk button
New multi function Hi-fidelity noise suppression headset with detachable speaker capability

Built in Intercom for riding with a passenger *

FM radio w/ scan and 10 presets

Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with 8-10 hours talk time 20 hours standby.

USB style wall charger

Kit Includes

X1 SLIM module

Multi function Hi-fidelity noise suppression headset

Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (factory pre-installed)

Helmet mounting bracket and hardware

Wired handlebar mount push to talk button

USB style wall charger