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Date added: 26 Jan 2011 Scala Rider G4 Snow Powersets now in stock.

To those of you waiting for the Scala Rider G4 Snow Powerset, the wait is over. We now have them in stock and available for shipping. In spite of Cardo's best marketing efforts the Snow Powerset is the same as the standard powerset with wired microphones instead of boom microphones attached to the clamp. 

Cardo Snow Powerset

Date added: 17 Jan 2011 Scala Rider Accessory Clamps are in and shipping.

Cyclebots received its first shipment of Scala Rider G4 Accessory Clamps today. These include the soft wire clamp for full face helmets, and the standard boom microphone unit. Next month Scala will be releasing a half helmet headset for the G4, and we will keep you updated as soon as we have pictures or more information.

scala rider g4 clamp

Date added: 06 Jan 2011 Sena SMH10 vs Scala Rider G4 Intercom Range Test (Suburban Terrain)

We recently tested the range of the Sena SMH10 vs the Scala Rider G4, to see which Bluetooth intercom boasted a very long range. What we found was that neither headset reached the range that was advertised. Both are much longer than the any other Bluetooth intercom on the market.

Our findings indicated that the maximum usable range of the Scala Rider G4 was around 1500 feet, and the Sena SMH10 was 1000 feet. The intercom sound quality of the Scala did drop off after 1100 feet, but was usable to around 1500 feet and dropped completely at 1550 feet. The conditions of the test could be described as suburban, so the ranges might be longer in wide open terrain with no pedestrians or other potential interference.


Date added: 15 Nov 2010 Chatterbox XBI-2H Available for Shipping and Helmet Install Packages.

chatterbox xbi2-h


Cyclebots is proud to announce the much anticipated arrival of the ChatterBox! XBi2-H bike-to-bike wireless Bluetooth® intercom. Chatterbox has specifically designed the XBi2-H to fit seamlessly into the HJC IS-MAX BT and CL-Max II BT helmets, offering less wind resistance and ergonomic design. Installation is a breeze, however if you want to pick up a helmet with headset pre-installed then you can purchase the complete package from Cyclebots.

Based on the award winning ChatterBox! XBi2, the XBi2-H not only works with the HJC IS-MAX BT helmet, it is also backwards compatible with the current ChatterBox! XBi2 model. This compatibility allows you to communicate with your friends that already own the previous XBi2 Models!




  • Communicate between 3 riders in full duplex via CDMA Bluetooth® technology
  • Range of up to 500 meters (1,640 ft.) in optimum conditions
  • With the XBi2-H installed in the IS-MAX BT helmet, riders can stream audio from any source equipped with Bluetooth® A2DP including:
    • Mobile phones
    • MP3 players
    • GPS devices
    • Radar detectors
  • Includes a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with a true 6-8 hour run time - 1 hour express charge
  • Dynamic noise-suppression microphone
  • Hi-Fidelity speakers
  • Compact waterproof design


Date added: 20 Aug 2010 Sena SMH10 Helmet Clamps Now in Stock and Shipping

Sena SMH10 Clamps

We have great news today for those who have been waiting patiently for the 3.5mm Sena Accessory clamps for the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Intercom. Cyclebots now has all models of accessory mount in stock and available for immediate shipping.Cyclebots thanks those riders who pre-ordered and shipped all pre-ordered clamps today.

Date added: 17 Aug 2010 Sena SMH10 Helmet Intercom Instructional Videos

Cyclebots wants to announce on behalf of the fine folks at Sena that instructional videos are now available for the SMH10 Bluetooth helmet headset.

Videos include basic operation tutorials such as pairing for music and cell phone. There is also a video on how to pair and switch intercom conversations between 4 different headsets. We recommend the "learn by doing" process, but these videos will also help introduce you to the features and functions before buying.

Helmet Installation

Pairing with iPhone and Zumo 660 for Phone Calls


Multi Pairing with 3 Other Headsets for Intercom Conversations.


Basic Pairing with iPhone for Intercom Conversations

Date added: 04 Aug 2010 New Sena Mounting Brackets Shipping Soon (Mid August)

It looks like Cyclebots will be receiving the first shipment of Sena SMH10 3.5mm earbud adapters within the next two weeks and they are available for pre-order here first. Check them out at the links below.

Sena SMH10 3.5mm adapter Sena 3.5mm Adapter w/ detachable boom microphone  
Date added: 20 Jul 2010 Chatterbox XBI-2H and HJC IS-Max Helmet Combo Available for Pre Order

Cyclebots is proud to announce the availability of the Chatterbox XBI2-H and HJC IS Max helmet combo. It is the first helmet available to have an integrated option that will also pair with an external module, in this case the XBI2. An outstanding combination, the combo will be available and shipping by the end of July.

Date added: 17 Jun 2010 Cycle Bots now takes "Google Checkout" for payments
The Cyclebot is proud to announce it is accepting "Google Checkout" for payments. More info on google checkout can be found by visiting their website or by clicking the link below.
Date added: 15 Jan 2009 Welcome to Cycle Bots
We strive everyday to exceed our customers expectations. We are revolutionizing the art of motorcycle technology products. Where most people take your money then leave you to figure things out on your own. We provide the Cycle Bots forum which allows you to find out what product is right for you and also how to use it.