S-Plug Filtered Helmet Friendly Earplug

CODE: S-Filter

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Cyclebots Says...

These are the ticket for blocking out a good amount of wind noise. Most quality earbuds protrude from the ear so they can be a pain to keep in, these do not and are a great accessory to use on long rides to reduce hearing damage. They can be used with helmet headsets as long as helmet speakers are installed properly.

Filters out damaging noise and still be able to hear speech/music/surrounding sounds. Perfect for riding - concerts - sporting events - flying - helps concentration in noise.

  • Featuring the same comfort and retention of the S plug ear tip.
  • Acoustic filter reduces noise but allows speech/music/surrounding sounds to be heard.
  • No helmet pressure issues as it sits flush with the entrance to the ear.
  • Opening in the plug lets air pass and reduces the "stuffy" feeling compared to foam plugs.
  • Reduces pressure change ear discomfort associated with airplane takeoffs and landings. More comfortable than EarPlanes brand as it doesn't protrude from the ear, allowing you to lay your head on a pillow.