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Non-Tubular Handlebar iPhone 4 Case


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    - For non-tubular handlebars with circumference of up to 50 cm.

    - Universal mounting strap with quick-release system

    - Belt with ultra-fine adjustment capability

    - Handlebar mounting bracket with adjustable (360°) viewing angle

    - Quick-engage safety lock

    - Anti-shock interior case liner

    - Water resistant

    - Full access to iPhone keys

    - Can be recharged while in use



Mounting System

Thanks to a precise tightening system with a micro adjustable belt locking strap, this phone mount offers the highest degree of stability on non-tubular handlebars found on touring motorcycles and scooters.

The rubber strap provided with the system is applied along the inside of a belt equipped with ultra-fine adjustment capability and protects the handlebar from scuff marks.

The sturdy eyelet on the end of the belt with ultra-fine adjustment allows the user to pull on the belt gradually until the mounting system reaches its most stable, final position.

The system for adjusting the support bracket permits precise regulation of the angle at which the snap-on bayonet clip is pointed and is designed for use with dedicated products in the Interphone line.

The SSCiPhone system is easily removable for use on other motorcycles and is equipped with a quick-release  for rapid removal of the case.

The SSCiPhone does not require installation by qualified personnel and is ideal for all types of bikes with non-tubular handlebars such as the Honda Goldwing, BMW K1600 and other sport touring motorcycles.


iPhone Case

Waterproof case for carrying iPhone on motorcycles and bicycles.

A very sturdy external housing and shock resistant internal rubber shell provide your device with total protection. The mounting bracket with locking tab is adjustable over a full 360° so you can arrange your iPhone in the best position possible.

All iPhone functions are available with the phone in the case, including the Touch Screen function, plugging in  earphones, and using the battery charger.


Whats Included

    - iPhone4 Waterproof Case

    - Adjustable locking belt for mounting on non-tubular handlebars

    - Safety strap

    - Instructions